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Limiting legal liability emanating from hospitals and other health care facilities.

Hospitals and other medical facilities are the basis through which the medical technology business survives, and as such there is a symbiotic relationship that exists between the two, a relationship that is carefully cultivated, yet requires adequate legal protections for both participants. Given the reality that things do go wrong in the hospital and health care environment, it is imperative that when times are good and the participants are negotiating their business arrangements, that the medical technology provider contract adequate legal protections in the event that the hospital or health care facility is drawn into serious litigation.

Realistically you cannot expect to always avoid litigation, nevertheless, there are opportunities to mitigate your legal exposure and thereby avoid the costs associated with being a principal defendant in the litigation. This is initiated by having in place a solid contract with the hospital or health care service provider, or negotiating contractual terms that are sufficiently protective. The issue for far too many medical technology providers is that they allow hospitals and other medical facilities to strong-arm them into contracts that are slanted against the legitimate interests of the medical technology provider.

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